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Pause ticket timer when a ticket is waiting on customer

The ticket status can be 'open' or 'closed', making the timer run or stop.

I want to be able to pause the timer, the timer should then stop when a ticket is in a 'pause' status to rule out the time a ticket is waiting on the customer.


open > timer counts the time a ticket is open

pause > timer stops counting until the ticket is in open or closed

closed > sets the close date and stops the clock

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Yes. Absolutely. Proper ticket tracking needs to allow us to understand if we're meeting our SLAs with clients.


We won't be able to do that effectively if we can't pause a ticket while waiting on customers.


This is a definite must have for us to have. Please could we put this into development as quickly as possible as it is impacting how we are able to report for our customers accurately. 


Definitely something the system is seriously lacking.  We need this!

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@Hermen what field are you using as the "timer" field?  i am trying to figure out a way to report on how long tickets have been open and a time would be great. 


We need this, that's a really good idea!


really great idea! this should make our metrics way more relevant and accurate.


Good idea, we have this issue when waiting on customers to supply additional information. Having the ability to pause SLA during set stages is important. 


Does anyone have a work around for this?  

SLAs are useless unless we can track  the time correctly



This is definitely a feature that we also desperately need. Any updates on this? 


And I don't see a response above with regards to what property was used as the "timer" field. Is there anything other than the "Time to close" property? We've tried to figure out a workaround by sending ticket to a "Waiting for customer" ticket status which actually marks them as closed temporarily, but when customer responds and the ticket is moved back to open for any period of time and then closed again, it will still calculate the "Time to close" from the original open date/time (which was the expected behavior from the current set up). 


Thank you kindly for considering this request!

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Great idea!


100% agree with the comments and observation made above.

It would be very useful to understand where this sits on Hubspots feature roadmap for Service Hub.


Pausing SLAs is a must have for us! Please can Hubspot confirm where this feature sits in the roadmap?


100% agree. We do a lot of waiting on the customer and being able to pause the timer when the ticket is in a "Pending"-type of status is critical in calculating time-to-close, and customer wait time vs agent wait time.

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Upvoting this on behalf of my customer. Definitely a much needed feature for accurate reporting!


Upvoting this as this is a must for any helpdesk service, I'm really surprised this is not already a feature. I will be really happy to see this introduced. 🙂

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This is an essential feature for support ticketing! HubSpot, is this on the roadmap?


Yes, most SLA tracking systems can specify to run SLA timers in certain statuses but not in others. This missing feature really limits its usefulness. As a product manager, I personally would not have considered the SLA feature complete without this function.

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Hey team, any update on this? Having flexibility to pause SLA based off conditions for the "Time to close" option will be wonderful. 


Received the following feedback May 15 2023.


To share more about the current progress for it, feature requests for tools related to Service Hub took some time previously as there were several big roadblocks on the backend due to the complexity of stepping up Service Hub functionality on the backend.


That said, happy to inform you that the Product team (and the Product Manager in charge of this specific area in fact) has mentioned that they are aware of this specific request, and are currently in the works of scoping it for development as part of the push on improving Service Hub specifically for 2023 🙂

While the entire development process may take some time while the team scopes how to implement this, rest assured they have already logged this on their agenda for Service Hub this year 🙂


Absolutely must need. We can't wait to see the feature in release.