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Pause sequences when inbox disconnects (not unenroll)

Currently, when an inbox disconnects from HubSpot, the sequence bulk unenrolls everyone at whatever point the inbox disconnected. In order to re-enroll contacts at the correct place in the sequence (rather than have them receive any steps more than once), you have to export, create lists, and re-enroll manually. 

Since inboxes can be disconnected due to a variety of IT security parameters or other issues, this is a fairly frequent occurrence that greatly disrupts prospecting and sales activities.


A better solve for this would be that, in the case of an error on the sequence that occurred due to an inbox disconnection, the contact gets paused in the sequence, rather than unenrolled. That way users can easily reconnect their inbox and unpause contacts where they left off. 

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Pause please! 

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Great idea: taking it to the next level, how about being able to assign those sequences also to a new user? Think of the situation where a user starts a sequence and shortly thereafter leaves the company: by reassigning the sequence to their replacement (either new hire or a colleague), the sequence remains alive, but the respondent changes...right now you have to either kill the sequence, deactivate the user (to prevent their access to HubSpot) and figure out a work-around, or for the purpose of hand-over, to make their replacement the user that left for the duration of the sequence.


Agree with OP. Need to pause the sequence vs unenrolling all of them. Having to manually re-enroll them back after an inbox is disconnected is time consuming. Is there a workaround for this somewhere?