Pause a Workflow

I would like the ability to pause a workflow, thus keeping all users at the step they are in, and then unpause it a few days later.  Adding delay steps will not accomplish the same thing.  For example, I want to pause a campaign during a holiday week, but start it again the following week without losing anyone.  There is no way to successfully do this with a delay step unless every user is at the same step - which obviously will never be the case. 

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Yes! We really need this. 

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Being unable to pause a live nurture is a major flaw in Hubspot and makes the system look very out of date compared to similar tools on the market (Marketo...Eloqua etc). Why this issue has not been resolved since 2017 beggars belief. It's a necessity for all companies that wish to maximize awareness of press communications to both customers and prospects, notwithstanding there will be others that require it for crisis communications. The sooner Hubspot resolves this issue the better.  

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Reminded again as we approach the holidays that we really, really need this.  Tomorrow is *just* a Thursday in HubSpot but it's also THANKSGIVING!! 

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I was on vacation 2 weeks ago for 2 days and am just now getting caught up from all the tasks I missed. Can't wait to try and squeeze in a little work during the Thanksgiving holiday just so I'm not completely overwhelmed when I return on Monday....yippee!