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Past Due Activities Still Count as "Next Activity Date"

Currently, if a task is past due, they system will not recognize a "next activity date" and it will appear that there is no task set.  


I use the "next activity date is unknown" filter to quickly find new contacts that have been added to our database and don't yet have a task set.  What's annoying about this is I have to make sure all my tasks for the day are complete before I use this filter, otherwise all my contacts with tasks set for the current day show up on this list too.  


Past due activities are still a "next activity" - please fix this!


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Please fix or update us on this one


I can't believe that the Next Activity Date is cleared, even though the Next Activity has not been completed. Surely this date field should only be empty when the task is outstanding?

I have views set up to show where we are with tasks associated to tickets, however as soon as we fall behind on our work the view is completely off as we have to then look at Last Activity Date as the Next Activity Date dissapears, even though the activity is still outstanding.


It is extremely annoying that the moment the time comes past on the next activity date, the property is cleared! 

Please keep it in there until the activity has been completed or at least create another field that we can use in workflows


It's 2024 and this functionality is still not working. It is VERY annoying, as tracking the deals/leads that are not assigned with a task becomes challenging. You see -- in the Next Activity, you open to check - the task is there, scheduled for Today, just 14 minutes past due. But come on, who works with such precision in minutes?