Past Due Activities Still Count as "Next Activity Date"

Currently, if a task is past due, they system will not recognize a "next activity date" and it will appear that there is no task set.  


I use the "next activity date is unknown" filter to quickly find new contacts that have been added to our database and don't yet have a task set.  What's annoying about this is I have to make sure all my tasks for the day are complete before I use this filter, otherwise all my contacts with tasks set for the current day show up on this list too.  


Past due activities are still a "next activity" - please fix this!


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Working with HubSpot support on 2018-09-24, we found that if the date/time is in the past -- incl. if it is today's date but without a time -- it will not populate in the Next Activity Date field.


When the activity date is today, with no time specified, it is seen as being in the past, and therefore it is not showing up on the deal home view, or in the next activity date field under properties.


We agreed it would be helpful to see this just like the task view with overdue tasks and activity dates in red.

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Der HubSpot Team,
can you
 display past "Next Activity Date" not as "-", please. It is such a strong selector when working (filtering) in  contacts/company list. Keep the date information available, please.

In our case we preselect with a filter and want then to see which of those allready had a task and which of those still need one. But all are marked with "-".

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Please Hubspot we need this. 


I waste a lot of time worring about contacts that are falling through the cracks, and setting up tasks for the team to follow up - only to see there is already a task, it is just due today at a time previous to now.  It annoys my team horribly. 


The other solution would be to create a user setting where you can set the default task due time to be something not 8am. My team are not going to waste the few extra clicks to set the due time to be 5pm (currently set at 8am). 



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Agree- please prioritise this solution. 


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Agreed. Undone is undone, past due date or no.

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Is there an update on this? Is it being considered?


I agree that 'next activity date' should still be displayed, even if the date is in the past.


Showing it in red, to be consistent with other areas of the system, would be great.


I also think that enrolled sequence steps should trigger a 'next activity date', too.

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You have a filter option to list next activity in the past but it does not work because all next activity dates in the past are automatically deleted by the system.


Can this bug be fixed and allow us to list activities that are past due.


As a CRM tool you would think that would be right up there with being able to list names and phone numbers. To have a relationship with a client it's important to make sure we follow up with them even if we miss the set date for whatever reason.


The system is programmed already to search for the next activity in the past only for the programing to let itself down by clearing the date in the past. A catch 22 if you like that makes the usefulness of the system as a CRM deminish considerably.


Can you update on the whether this is even noted by Hubspot please.

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Next activity date gets wiped out if the task is overdue even if it's on the same day.


For example, we have a task today at 8AM. When you filter to show Today's next activity date, that deal or company or contact won't show up.


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What is up with this one?   THis is pretty basic. We are trying to manage our funnel and see for example, which deals have assigned next steps or not.  And all the deals with past next step dates show up as though there is no next step. But there.

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How often do these ideas get updated &/or does Hubspot reply? This has been here for a year and a half.


If there is an explanation about why it is the way it is (therefore not going to get "fixed"), please let us know.



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This is almost 2 years old, is there a status update on this? I just got off a call with my Sales Team and they are all very frustrated this isn't showing "past due" activities.