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I have added multiple webpages to our website.   I would like to password protect many of the pages behind one password protected page rather than setting a password for each individual page.   Is there a way that this could be done?  Per Hubspot support, this is not feasible and I would have to set a password for each page resulting in the user having to enter a password multiple times when searching for content.  Please advise.

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This is exactly what I'm needing to do. We're trying to create some portals where partners can access data specific for them, but no one else would be able to access the pages and we don't want them sharing urls to the specific content pages. We see this as 1 login for the main page, and then the subsequent page or pages would be protected under that initial password and the urls would not be able to be accessed without the login.

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Great idea, absolutely needed!

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Need this as well!