Password Prompt Module- Adding Username Field

Hi HubSpot Community, 


What if HubSpot created the option for HubSpot users to create password protected pages, but with the capability of adding in a Username Field? 


I understand that due to their Terms of Service policy, HubSpot requests that folks do not host any sensitive content on HubSpot, which I completely understand for potential legal matters. Countering that thought as a marketer, wouldn't sending contacts an email, with their own username and password to access "non-public" information - which is actually public information and not highly sensitive - would spark the contact's sense of importance and interest? 


Implementing this idea would be simple, by still having HubSpot customers agree to the Terms of Service, clearly notifying users that this new addition doesn't suffice as a impenetrable vault for highly sensitive information. HubSpot users could then create the following contact property fields like "username" and "password", or simply clone the "email" field as the contact's username.  


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