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I understand that hubspot is not providing password field due to no encryption techniques. In my situation, we have a webservice call which validates the users and redirects to a page in Hubspot. For these kind of situations having a password field would be so helpful. I am still not clear on why encryption would affect situations like I explained.  I would be very happy to see a field which will hide the text as we type or If someone could explain me a work around for my scenario is appreciated.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @SowjanyaChenji  capturing sensitive data within HubSpot is currently against our Terms of Service, see section 4.3.1 here:


"The HubSpot products are an integrated marketing and sales experience. The information collected in our products is sales and marketing data gathered through lead interaction, public directories, and/or reputable 3rd party sources. HubSpot’s online data-capture tools allow customers to define the type of information to be collected stored on their behalf. Per the HubSpot Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, our customers ensure that they capture only appropriate information to support their marketing and sales processes. The HubSpot products are not used to collect or capture sensitive data such as credit or debit card numbers, personal financial account information, Social Security numbers, passport numbers, driver’s license numbers or similar identifiers, or employment, financial or health information."


HubSpot forms are directly tied to contact properties, on a regular HubSpot form we will accept all valid information added to our fields. Due to this being against our terms of service we do not currently have plans to introduce a password field within HubSpot forms.


However,  you can create an external form with a password field and send all relevant marketing/sales information to HubSpot via our forms api:


I hope this helps! 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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You have user registration for this forum - is this not built in HubSpot CMS?  The forum as I understand it is a design of the HubSpot Knowledgebase and CMS - no?