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Partner Admin - Access to user preference

Recently, HubSpot deployed (in France at least) the “Become a Partner Administrator” functionality.


It is supposed to simplify the management of access to the portal for those who are responsible for the Partner. And therefore, prevent access to HubSpot billing for example.


Unfortunately, some features are not available.


Like accessing the “Preferences” tab from Settings / Account Configuration / Users & Teams and a particular user.

Screen 1.jpg

This tab allows you to check whether the messaging or calendar tools are properly connected to the user's account.


I would like this to be added to those of the Partner Administrator role.

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There are a few other missing options, such as the lack of access to activate some of the beta features (i.e. custom funnel reports can only be activated by a super admin, not a partner admin) or the impossibility of adding new portal users (with at most the portal admin user role).