Parent & Child relationships for Contact Records

The ability to add a parent or child company is awesome, but it would be really awesome if I could add both - some of my customers are both a child company AND the parent company of another business... at present I can only add a parent OR a child company.

Adding both would be amazing...

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We currently use Act! and I am trying to evaluate which features Hubspot offers that we currently use. One of the is "Relationships". It allows us to relate contacts to each other. For example Client 1 and client 2 are friends or one contact is the designer and the other is the designer's client. Or one contact is the father, the other is the son. It allows us to quickly find which contacts are relevant to each other. This is especially helpful if for example we want to market something to one client, to see if we marketed the same thing to his or her friends/designer/coworker etc. Or to ask about those relationships in a phonecall, or to make sure we don't invite one to an event and not the other...

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Love the ability to add parent/child relationships.


Now my question is - is it on the roadmap to be able to add NEW contacts as related (parent/daughter) companies? 


It looks like you offer this in the regular search functionality - i.e. if I search for a company and it doesn't appear, I can easily click "add new" company to create it. 


In the current Related Companies feature, if the company is new, it looks like I would have to exit out o fthe company record, create a new company, and then go back in and add it.


It'd be great if I was able to Add Child > Search for the company > If it's not there, have an Add as New Company option right in the dialogue.


Can you confirm this is the case, and if you are looking into fixing that at all?



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Our business too will need this feature. We are focused on government so we have Cabinet Department > Sub Component > Agency > Office hierarchy to deal with in a CRM. I really need to associate contacts to the entire stack of their organization. It sounds like this system is not going to make that easy...

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It would be great to be able to capture relationships between contacts


Contact A reports to Contact B

Contact B manages Contact A

Contact A is the spouse of Contact B

Contact A is the child of Contact B

Contact B is the parent of Contact A


The only online CRM I can find that does this is insightly. It lets you link contacts with a relationship type. The relationship have different words depending on the direction. You are able to customise the relationship types to suit your own use cases.




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We would like to create hierrarchical relations between several contacts, it's the only we can manage board members (comitee1-->board director1--> secretary/workgroup)   or manager/employee efficiently.


At the moment I just copy paste the url of the child contact into a custom single text line, or in the Job title property (ie : John Doe, director of board123 is linked to Jane Roe, secretary of board123...) but of course this  is not very functionnal into dynamic list and won't be functionnal at all when Outlook integration will be released.




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I would love to be able to have a cusom field (or "property" as hubspot calls them) of the type "Hubspot contact" - which would allow the user to specify a relationship to another contact. For example, in my business, closing a "deal" requires an insurance agent, an escrow officer, and a lender.  I would like to be able to link to those contacts within the deal, so a phone call to the lender (for example) would simply require a click on the lender, and then placing the call. 

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Coincidentally, I've just discovered that this has been implemented and was able to add a parent as well as a child to one of our company records. Has this just been introduced recently? Why hasn't there been any announcement? Or did I simply miss it? I guess this can be marked as solved...

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Would be a great use to be able to have several related companies without the current parent/child limitations.


Or as suggested allow custom company/contact property fields to use contact tokens and make them "linkable". So you can easily see one companies associades "partners" and click on that property and go directly to that contact.

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Sounds great to have several related companies and it has to be easy without any parent and childs.

Some companies are both customers and partners and some customers have several partners (customers).

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