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Parent-Child hierarchy feature for campaigns

We'd like to be able to track and report on a group of related campaigns in a parent-child hierarchial way. For example, this can be done in Salesforce. See here: 

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Finding this in 2023 after trying to figuring this out myself and bummed 5+ years later this isn't implemented. This would be such a key feature and should be added! 


This would be super useful. We are trying to drill down to different goals (main campaign) and then evaluate based on campaigns (sub campaigns) but we currently can not do this. It looks like it was submitted a while back and being reviewed, does anyone know what the next step is and how long it is from review to the feature going live? It would be good to know how other people are looking a sub campaigns. @Shay 




We need this feature to help organize our marketing calendar. With so many marketing channels running through HubSpot, it is great to have visibility into everything on the calendar. However, with multiple teams using the platform, the calendar gets cluttered to the point where it's no longer usable. There is the option of filtering by campaign, but that creates a manual task of adding new campaigns to a saved calendar view. If we could put all sub-campaigns for a single team under one parent, we could easily filter the calendar view.


I am shocked that this isn't a default feature, especially in 2023. Being able to report on campaign groupings in a hierarchical way is key to all our activities. I beg of you, please fix.

Yeah, okay. Seriously. HubSpot – Please. I’ve been on this thread for months and keep seeing new responses from other users, but nothing from HubSpot. For marketing’s sake, can you let us know we’re not alone in the void? Please? Anyone?

This is definitely an important feature to have! 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 


My name is Jenny Mueller and I'm the Product Manager of Campaigns. Thanks for your feedback and comments! 


I understand that a 'parent child' hierachy has 2 core benefits:

1. A better organisation of Campaigns 

2. Accumulated reporting 


The first benefit can be solved in different ways that already exist within Campaigns. The latest, and probably most useful, way for you to better organise your Campaigns is our new Campaigns beta called 'Custom Properties for Marketing Campaigns'. This is available for all regions, you should find it under the "Betas" section under Product Updates in the main top-right menu in your account. This is a quick link that should redirect you: Note: you need to be an admin on your account to access this page.
If you have any questions on how to use this feature to better organise your campaigns and create a parent-child hierachy, please let me know in the comments and tag me. Once this beta feature is available for all Campaigns customers, we will inform you (through the Product Updates section). 


The second benefit then focuses on a way to report on your parent and child campaigns. We have started reviewing this requests and would like to understand your Campaign reporting requirements further. 


Over the next week, our research team will be running research to understand more about your HubSpot Campaigns experience. 
The research will focus on 3 core areas:

  • How are you currently reporting on marketing campaign performance?
  • What are your out-of-the-box reporting needs?
  • What are the current inconsistencies in marketing channel reporting in HubSpot?

Here's how this works: 

  • We'll schedule a 60-minute call over the next week
  • We'll chat through a Zoom video link that our research team will send you 
  • All you need to do is have your computer ready and click the link to join 

If you're interested in participating, please fill out this short survey. If you match the criteria for a session, we’ll be in touch with further details.

Once you complete the research study, we’ll send you an e-gift card of your choice worth $100 USD through BHN rewards to thank you for your time and valuable feedback. Please note that by participating in this research study, you acknowledge and agree to HubSpot's User Research Participation Agreement


I am looking forward to your reply! 


Any other questions/ comments/ feedback, feel free to reach out anytime.



Jenny Mueller