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Parent-Child hierarchy feature for campaigns

We'd like to be able to track and report on a group of related campaigns in a parent-child hierarchial way. For example, this can be done in Salesforce. See here: 

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Yes! HubSpot please make this happen AND allow it to sync to Salesforce campaigns.

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Hello everyone! 

I believe you would have value in following this Idea's Board post here:


Agree, this is a much needed feature! 


This is key funtionality on Salesforce that I have always missed on Hubspot. I really hope this idea moves forward, we really need it!


This would also help us streamline our reporting and dashboard capabilities. Could really benefit from this!

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With 50 supporters for this i wonder why it's taken 2 years to address. Not a coding specialists, so I may not understand the complexity. Still....Pardot looms....


This would be so great!!


makes total sense. Or at least create folders to organize campaigns. when we have hundreds of campaigns, this will become messy...



This is a great idea - and really crucial to companies who utilize campaigns and reporting often/frequently.


It would be ideal to have it structured just like Salesforce - Parent / Children campaigns.


Ideally sync with Salesforce.


For email marketing this is a must, we have a marketing enterprise customer who don't believe us when we tell them the only way to group campaign stats for email campaigns is by exporting to excel and manually adding them up! HuSbpit is great but you need to get this sorted asap as for many it's a deal-breaker.

There are three options with hierarchy being the obvious one and one which anyone who has used salesforce is used to having

If not a hierarchy then at least expand the current rather pointless pin option so that you get a filtered view of the stats as you pin campaigns

Or, the third option, just the ability to select more than one campaigns in the analyse tab.



Common guys, these threads asking for this have been in place since 2017...


For marketing emails we need either:

1. Campaign hierarchy

2. Multiselect campaigns for a filtered view and combined stats

3. Give that pointless "Pinning" tool in Analyse the functionality to combine emails stats based on what you click


or someone at HubSpot to add them up for us manually 😉


For many marketing clients, this is a deal-breaker.


Should be an out of the box functionality at starter level, let alone enteprise.




I totally agree @AlfredoVoodoo . This idea has been raised for ages. We desperately need it, not only for email marketing, but also for content, landing pages, social the moment we can't really use the campaigns effectively because they are either too wide or too specific. For instance, for an Awareness campaign, I would run a campaign with a downloadable piece "Ebook- X", and could be running a webinar and so on, they are all different campaigns but part of the same parent campaign. 


This trully is a stopper for us. 

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Hi all! Similar to my update just now on the good news here is that we're focused on a substantial upgrade to the campaigns infrastructure to make it possible for us to expand the functionality of the app well beyond what we have today. This work will get us to a point where it will be possible for us to add on a lot more capability including introducing a parent / child structure to the data. 


I had a couple follow up questions specifically related to parent / child relationship that I was hoping you might be able to clear up for me. Specifically I'm hoping you can help me get to the bottom of exactly what the "parent" level of the campaign would need to provide. I.e. would you just need an out-of-the-box dashboard that showed the rolled up performance of all the children, or something more than that? 


The reason I ask is I'm wondering if something along the lines of folders for campaigns (i.e. folder = parent) would get you the functionality you needed if the folder could be used as a filter to see data for all campaigns within. Or alternatively a "tagging" feature where you could tag the campaigns as "co-marketing", "event 2020", etc and then use these tags as a way to report on everything within. Thoughts? 


For extra bonus points I'd love to learn more about how you're currently using the Campaigns app and other places we could improve. If you have a little extra time I'd really appreciate if you could check out this survey and share your thoughts: Thank you!


Thanks for tackling these enhancements @Shay . I can't speak for the entire community of course, but the ideas you laid out above would be an enhancement to what's there now. My company used to use Asana. We had the budget version which was overall "meh," but it did have a good dashboard that let you see parent campaigns along with child tasks and completion percentages at a glance. 


It looked a bit like a Gant chart, except in table form. It also allowed you to switch from a "task view" to a calendar view very easily, which was huge for biweekly planning sessions, and occasionally for report-outs to management. 


I'll do your customer feedback survey on this topic as well, to provide additional details.


@Shay  My main goal with this functionality would be to group all similarly sourced campaigns together so I can roll them up and understand how my spend & ROI for tradeshows compares to paid search, paid social, etc. I want easy dashboards to understand this for BOTH online and offline sources in a single report.

Similarly to another post, I would like to group individual campaign tactics together under a parent campaign. For example, I may be doing paid social, paid ads, content syndication and a blog all related to a specific theme or piece of content. Today I create a seperate campaign for each tactic. For all offline sources I get from 3rd party sites or tradeshows & events, I manually enter the email address through a HubSpot form, one at a time, so I can capture the proper campaign attribution for a net new / first contact.

My last comment is general in nature. All of this campaign functionality that has been discussed here and on other posts has been core MAP functionality for years. HubSpot started as a marketing hub, and while it has ventured into many other hubs, it has not kept up with the competition in core marketing functionality. I would expect the new campaigns app to be accessible to professional and enterprise levels. Many of us have been patiently waiting for years for campaigns to get fixed and brought to parity with the industry. I hope HubSpot makes all campaign updates widely available and in 2020.

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We've been asking for at minimum tags to help us with roll-up reporting since day one of using the platform (over 5 years). Tags would be able to assist when attributing a piece of collateral, event, etc. to multiple campaigns/themes/topics. Previously when managing campaigns from the SFDC side we did leverage a parent/child heirarchy. Tags should be able to be used across all assets of the marketing platforms (forms, emails, landing pages, etc.)


@Shay Here is what I'd like to see for a parent campaign. Say for my Q3 Parent Campaign, we will have multiple assets (inforgraphic, eBook, webinar, product webinar, case study, ROI tool). Each asset has a use for specific buyer's stage,  lifecycle stage and goal. In example above:


Infographic - Awareness - Prospects/Retargeting...Goal: Sessions, New Contacts

eBook - Interest - Leads/Retargeting...Goal: Form Fills, MQLs

Webinar - Consideration - MQLs/SQLs...Goal: SQLs

Case Study - Consideration - SQLs....Goal: Opportunities

ROI Tool - Purchase - Opportunities...Goal: Won Deals


Each asset will be promoted through multiple channels: social, paid social, SEM, blog, email, etc so each asset and it's channels would be a campaign. Now let's also say maybe we have multiple infographic, eBooks, webinars, etc. each associated with lifecycle stage and goal. At the parent campaign level, I'd like to see a rollup by buyer's stage with top level goal from all assets. Then also a listing of each child campaign tagged in that stage with it's specific metrics (impressions, clicks, CTR, sessions, new contacts, MQLs, SQLs, etc) For examples, Awareness: 5K Sessions, 1K new contacts with Infographic 1: 10K impressions, 2K Clicks, 20% CTR, etc.



@Shay  I like Salesforce's campaign records because within each campaign record there's a "Parent Campaign" lookup field that allows any campaign with the same parent to be rolled up. 


I'm interested in using 3-level campaign approach. 

Grandparent: Theme/focus area

Parent: Event

Child: Tactic 


I currently use Salesforce and HubSpot, and establishing a campaign hierarchy is a must. Right now all of my campaign are so unorganized because the two don't match to sync. 


It is a must-have functionality to either being able to megre or use a hierachy to organize campaigns in HubSpot. @Shay, any projections on when this functionaly will be avaialble? Thanks! 🙂


Like others have stated, really, just look at how SalesForce does it.
Have the ability to (at minimum) create a parent-child relationship where all attribution can roll up to the parent from the child campaigns.


Example (from a marketing perspecrtive):
Product Launch XYXY [parent campaing]

  • Launch email 1
  • Launch email 2
  • Paid Social
  • Paid Display
  • Webinar 1
  • PR
  • Blog Post 1
  • Blog post 2
  • Asset 1
  • Asset 2
  • Referal Link1 (partner)
  • Referal Link2 (partner)


Each bullet above could be considered a separate "child campaign" depending how you build it.
- or at the very least ELEMENTS of the campaign (which I know can be done easily), but in the past I would pump this into SF to build all the campaign heirarchies... unfortunately, we cannot do this simply with Hubspot.


MAYBE tags could work where we can roll up everything with certain tags to build out multiple views of campaigns, channels, etc.


This is actually a must have piece for most marketers. I have inheited a Hubspit instance upon taking a new role and am actually at a loss for how full attribution is done UNLESS I export everything and pump into Excel and other tools.