Parent-Child hierarchy feature for campaigns

We'd like to be able to track and report on a group of related campaigns in a parent-child hierarchial way. For example, this can be done in Salesforce. See here: 

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Our company is moving towards closer integrations with Salesforce and am surprised this is not already possible. We would benefit a lot from having this capability and would let us stay much more organized moving forward. Please make this a reality, HubSpot!!

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That would be very helpful to organize campaigns better!

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This feature would make us a very happy customer.

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Essential feature for keeping HubSpot customers who integrate w SFDC happy. The lure of Pardot is constant!

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Any news about this idea? I send quartely newsletter and would like to have a Master "2018 Newsletters" campaign with each Child Newsletter campaign associated.

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Our company desperately needs this feature and since we use Salesforce extensively, we are considering moving off of Hubspot just because the attribution features of campaigns are so sparce. I love Hubspot and hope you all prioritize this feture! 

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Please add this functionality. SFDC and MS Dynamics both support this. It makes tracking performance a LOT easier.

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Yes! HubSpot please make this happen AND allow it to sync to Salesforce campaigns.

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Agree, this is a much needed feature! 

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This is key funtionality on Salesforce that I have always missed on Hubspot. I really hope this idea moves forward, we really need it!