Parent/Child Relationship for Company Records

This is a key funtion that is needed to connect parent companies with their related subsidiaries.  For example:  A large company has their HQ in Toledo, OH but will have seperate manufacturing plants in multiple locations with their own budgets and but may share the similar but not exact decision making process.  The multiple locations need to be related, not merged.

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I would like to second this.


Found feature request page for it here:

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I would like to also request this feature.  We have hospital networks (Local Health Districts) and the districts hospitals are under this districts organisation.  We need this reflected in our CRM as related, not merged. Thanks

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Must have this to continue with current subscriptions. Any updates on developing this feature / functionality would greatly appreciated.

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A Relationship System for BtoC Costumers would be als great. Or is there a possibility i don´t know?!

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This feature is now in Beta! With this new release, you can now relate two companies to each other in HubSpot CRM, "parent-child" style. You can link companies in your database to one another other with just a few clicks. The new function enables you to navigate between related companies quickly and easily, saving you time and unnecessary headache.


Read more about this here:


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WooHoo!  Can't wait until it hits prime time!

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Though I'm happy to see it deployed, there's a "gotcha" to parent/child that I wonder if anyone has discovered and/or solved.


The Issue

There's no way to create a unified view of both Parents (only) and Companies that have no children in the same view.

That would be our need to display a client list of "contracted entities"--a set of companies that's a mix of both. Sometimes our clients are just one company and sometimes they're a parent with multiple children.

I was going to experiment with a list in Marketing that combined the two filters, but the marketing module doesn't understand the concept of creating Company lists.


Anyone else notice this? Did I miss something fundamental?

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It'd be nice to include a feature allowing for a multi-level heairachy in company information.


As an example, The University of Western Australia are the 'parent company' of College of Science.


The College of Science, in turn, are the parent company for the School of Biological Science.


If we could have a 'family tree' of sorts, allowing the user to see every company associated the further we go, that would offer greater efficiency, and ultimately, give the user as much information as required when speaking to prospects.


The idea of a family tree would b a brilliant addition, as you could open up (e.g.) The University of Western Australia's company details.

Where it says 'child companies', you could hover over said child companies, where a pop-up box could appear stating 'associated child companies' etc.

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This is realy important to us as well. There are many tri-tiered company ownerships that we can't accurately identify.


For example:

Comcast owns NBC, which owns Universal Pictures


WPP is a holding group that owns GroupM, which owns Mindshare


GroupM, and NBC, currently cannot be both parents and children, but they should be.



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I work quite a bit with franchises. This would be very helpful for me as well since often times I have a single contact that own multiple locations. With a hiearchy feature, this would alleviate the issue of not being able to pin that owner to all of their locations (companies).

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We deal with a lot of 20-something leads that fill out contact forms once with a university email and once later with a personal email, so email isn't a great way to triage duplicate leads for our sales team. We'd love the option to turn something on that would do it by name instead!

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We are missing this. With the existing child-parent relationship it would be very obvious to extend this to multi-level.

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Was this implemented and rolled out? How do I utilize this feature?

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Funny, we are discussing a general relationchip Management for our btoc business.


Parent / child, Brother/Sister etc.
Every normal CRM System have it.


I just wrote you see my answer.

I don´t think there is someone from Hubspot will answer. 




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Thanks for your reply, Martin.


Did you guys end up finding a solution that will work for you?

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Hi guys,


I have a scenario where I have a company that has 6 locations. I made that one location which represents a headquarter to be the parent company and the rest of five are child companies. 


Only one contact should be associated with all of the five locations. Hubspot ungated the Beta version for use and we can now associate a single contact with multiple companies.

The problem started when I created a list, I couldn't export the file where all of the 6 locations would be presented on the exported list, only the "parent company" is listed but not the child companies (additional locations). Also, the contact which is associated with child companies didn't show up either.


Does anyone know how can I solve this issue and if this task is even possible to do?