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Parent Campaigns or Tagged Campaigns

Hi All,


I've been tasked with cleaning up our campaigns in hubspot and it seemed odd that there was not an option to arange campaigns in a parent->child relationship, or with tags.


Being able to do the following would add alot of value to the tool:


  1. Events
    1. Vegas 2019
    2. Chicago 2019
    3. etc
  2. Paid Ads
    1. Adwords
    2. Social
    3. etc
  3. Direct Marketing
    1. Mailers
    2. Catalogs
    3. etc


This would allow you to view a pillar of marketing at a glance and drill into each for more information. 



HubSpot updates
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Empleado de HubSpot
Empleado de HubSpot

This is a great idea --- also I would like general status updates such as below:

-to do

-in progress




It would make it easier to track and categorize campaigns!

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Both of these suggestions are excellent and would really help keep things organized. I've worked with other platforms that had these functions and it made my job much easier.

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Empleado de HubSpot

Hello everyone! 

I believe you would have value in following this Idea's Board post here: