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Parameterize Time Increments for Task Due Time & Eliminate Time Increment Inconsistency

In a nutshell, eliminate an inconsistency in how HubSpot handles setting Task Due Times two different ways based on where the Task Due Time is set versus edited. If you are creating a Task and Set the Task Due Time, you see time options presented in 30 minute increments. Edit the Task Due Time for a preexisting Task and you see 15 minute increments.


  1. Who? Anyone who uses Tasks to prompt follow-ups of personal reminders. Fifteen minute increments gives the usr the option to set 15 or 30 notifications prior to the task. The thirty minute increment eliminates the 15 minute option for the user - removing functionality.
  2. Goal? Eliminate HubSpot's arbitrary determination of default values. You will always be wrong. 
  3. Value add? Greater user buy-in thanks to personalization.  No two teams work the same way. Your technical writers will love you for eliminating an inconsistency they need to explain and somehow justify.
  4. Examples & 5. Screenshots - With Karstens great response to my question in the community, the inconsistency between how Task Due Times are set versus edited is explained nicely here with a number of screenshots. 
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Just to add to this, the ability to customise the duration is now increasingly important with the calender intergration. Currently the team have to jump between hubspot and outlook to adjuist the duration of a task. This is very frustraighting as the idea of intergration is that you can comfortable work within one system without thaveing to jump around.