Page views refined by number of views in specific time frame as workflow enrollment criteria


At this time there isn't a way to see the number of page views within a set time frame. We can refine the "Page View" criteria (in both Lists and Workflows) either by the date of view, or by the number of views - but we cannot combine these two together to identify number of page views on one particular date.

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I think this stems from another issue which prevents users from seeing data on a specific contact. If I want to see the number of page views a specific contact has had, I am limited to the total number of views. It will not show me the views over a specified time frame. For example, I want to see the number of times a person has viewed the website over the past week. The closest I can get is showing the last known activity date and the total number of pageviews over the entire history of that contact (not within the last week).


I agree with the above and can't work out what use it is to refine only on number of page views.  If someone has looked at a page (or pages) 10 times over the last 24mths, they are a very different prospect than if they did it within the last week.

For this refine by option to be useful, we NEED to be able to set a timeframe around the number of page views.  Otherwise I just end up with a list of people who have EVERY been to a page(s), including people who did it 2 years ago and never again.  Is there a use case for that list in marketing?  I can't think of one. 


I second this, I was sure I'd be able to combine time frame and number of views but this is not the case. This is super important to add so we can single out super visitors in our database and contact them.

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Agreed.  The number of page views within a certain timeframe is much more valuable information to have over the number of page views all time.  We want to be able to single out highly active "recent" visitors.