Page views refined by number of views in specific time frame as workflow enrollment criteria

At this time there isn't a way to see the number of page views within a set time frame. We can refine the "Page View" criteria (in both Lists and Workflows) either by the date of view, or by the number of views - but we cannot combine these two together to identify number of page views on one particular date.

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I think this stems from another issue which prevents users from seeing data on a specific contact. If I want to see the number of page views a specific contact has had, I am limited to the total number of views. It will not show me the views over a specified time frame. For example, I want to see the number of times a person has viewed the website over the past week. The closest I can get is showing the last known activity date and the total number of pageviews over the entire history of that contact (not within the last week).