Page Migration - flex column to dnd_area

While dnd-area is a major improvement, I really hope HS product team takes a look at how this change is impacting legacy users. For those of us updating older templates into new themes with this new dnd_area setup - we're essentially forced to make new pages and redirect the old URLs (of pages built using flexible columns) to new pages we create for all content we want to have match our new site theme. 


This is due to the inability to select dnd_area templates on older flex column content. Even with the improvements dnd_area gives, we shouldn't have to jump through extra hoops just to update older content to a current theme because of it.

I would love to see this easy legacy content migration feature baked in to help prevent this in the future!

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi there,


Thanks for posting about this. We are considering some paths to help get flex column content easily transforned into the new drag and drop areas. There are some complexities with automatically transforming existing content while also guaranteeing that the content and styling will stay exactly the same, but I will update here if or when we decide to move forward!



HubSpot Product Team

One thing that we do have currently that I just realized would also help accomplish this is a beta for swapping templates onto drag and drop compatible templates. With the beta, you could take your template with a flex column and swap it with a template that has a drag and drop area and all of the content and page analytics would automatically be brought over. 


If you're interested, PM me your portal ID and I have enroll you in the beta 🙂