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PLEASE add multiple value copy/paste functionality on properties! 🙏🙏🙏

When a lead comes in through a form submission, we try to always capture a postal/zip code. I would like to be able to use that zip code within a workflow to assign leads to sales reps automatically (since most of our sales reps have their own territories based on zip codes.) 

I have all of the zip codes in an Excel sheet, but currently there is no way to copy and paste them into hubspot so that each zip code is a unique value. 


Here is a Vidyard of exactly what I'm talking about 


Hubspot! PLEASE add copy/paste functionality of multiple values on properties! 🙏🙏🙏

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Same issues as well. If you have a quick solution to this one already. Please have it share. thanks


@iamnahnah2021 , I'm gonna make your day. You just need to separate with semicolons. They fixed it a while back with no announcement or anything. Good luck! - Joe


YES!!!!! You just saved me from having to choose almost 50 countries individually on about 30 forms.