PDF Editor: Personalization Tokens for Documents

It'd be great if we could upload and edit PDFs as part of the Marketing Hub.


And to have the ability to add personalization tokens. That way you could send clients a customized quote without haven't to upload individual files for all of them. It would make the process of uploading/editing documents so much easier. 


Not to mention giving a personalized experience for the client while speeding up the process for the sales teams.


There are integrations out there for this, but it requires a separate purchase and isn't as seamless as it appears to be. I tried them out and found them to be a little tiresome - It's easier when you don't have to learn a compeltely different system.


It could be in the marketing tab under the design manager listed as 'PDF manager' or something like that. 


What do you think?


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We need this option too. Because we want to offer a confiration of participation in a course for our webinars. And it would be so compex to create this for each participant. That would make the process of uploading/editing documents so much easier.

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Ditto! We need to create personalized certificates for training and CME participants. Would love to know what people are doing as a work around in the meantime.