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Owner rotation and lead reassignment

It would be great to see additional functionality re owner rotation and lead allocation. Its extremely paining not being able to reassign a lead/deal automatically when someone is absent/off . Is there no way you can integrate the availability toggle as has been done in the conversation inbox being able to set availability and have the lead/deal reassign when someone switches to unavail? 



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Hi there,


I completely agree - the current lead rotation is a bit clunky as it does not account for team members that are off sick or away on leave.


It would be great if a HubSpot user could toggle their availability as away for their entire HubSpot profile so that all automation is redirected somewhere while they are away. 

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This is a great idea!


Rotation on Sales leads also need to be picked up instantly so having the ability to easily rotate based on who is available is something that should be standard. 


Definitely need this! Currently I need to constantly be watching the contact screen when someone if off/on vacation to ensure leads they are routed get reassigned. Definitely not efficient (nor is the other option of updating the round robin in the workflow each time).


Definitely need this and have been needing it!


We very much need this! Currently, users have to wait for me to be available to remove them from rotations when they are out of office. They need to be able to just mark themselves as away!


much needed also~