Owner assignment for Messages Tool


Route messages to specific Sales Pro users based on the individual Messages created.


We have multiple products and sales reps who specialize in each offering. If someone asks a question on a specific product page, we need that chat to be automatically routed to the designated specialist in that area.

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Status updated to: Delivered
Oct 3, 2017

Hi @mblank, this is now an option when editing a specific message to route it to a specific rep!

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As someone mentioned above, it would also be very useful if a chat automatically re-routed to another user that was online, if they have not responded in a set time


@hroberts -- I think the idea (at least for us) is that the conversation can be transferred mid-converation to another rep based on additional information/learnings garnered. We need to be able to do this real-time to other available users. SnapEngage has a great solution for this.


Please, this is crucial for my sales team. No point in using messages fif they can't transfer a chat.