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Overview of certificates obtained by the team

Possibility to print an overview of all certificates of all employees. We are thinking of a kind of excel export in which we can see who is certified for which training.
The current overview does not provide an easy overview of the team's performance in terms of scrolling.

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This isn't a fix - and I've just upvoted your suggestion as working out who has got which cert is driving me totally crazy - but I've just zoomed out by 50% and I can at least see the whole page without having to scroll.


I'm creating an excel version that includes hub, level and time it takes to do each cert so that I can check that we are covered as a whole.

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An Excel export of employees' certifications achieved (as well as partial trainings in progress) would be great. It would be tremendously helpful in tracking our team's progress toward training goals. It would also be great (on the current view) if the certifications were grouped in a meaningful way, and (at the top) labeled so you could see at a glance how the different hub-based trainings or category trainings are covered across your team. As it currently stands, you have to hover over each icon to see what it is, which is quite time-taking.

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I totally agree. Even if we can't export, maybe updating the My Team tab so that it would provide some more info. I made a post about this here: