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We just transferred our site to Hubspot and I wanted to check on 404's. I used brokenlinkcheck.com but that doesn't work well with Hubspot. 


To check for 404's I now have to manually check every page and blogpost from our previous site. That's one **bleep** of a job with some 150 pages and blogs. 


Idea: It would be great to have the option to check on 404/broken links for the entire site, in one place. Just like brokenlinkcheck.com does. 

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 Yes. Please fix this. On our old company website (Joomla), all I had to do was go to the 404 error section, see all the urls that people tried to go to, type in what URLs anyone going to that should redirect to, and taking care of all future 404 errors was a 3 second job. Super easy. There are neat Wordpress plugins that do this too.

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This feature would be incredibly helpful.

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This would be super helpful for those who are migrating websites with lots of content already built out. We are running into a similar problem right now and this would be incredibly useful! 

You get myupvote!

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This is my biggest regret for migrating my site to Hubspot... the lack of this feature. Smiley Sad