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'Over time' Trend reports for conversion rates

Right now it's possible to do:

 - Stage Conversion Rates for an Aggregate Time Period
 - Overtime reports by 'count' or a 'sum'


But it's not possible to do an over-time report combining the two.

For example we want to take key conversion points in our funnel:
 - Visitor -> Lead
 - Lead -> Deal
 - Deal -> Closed Won

And see how those conversion rates are trending over time, by key segments:
 - Deal Owner
 - Deal Size

Right now from what we were told this isn't possible In Hubspot so to pull the data manually day by day and work in Excel. Yikes!

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@ryanpaulfyfe You can use our HubSpot Connector for Excel to automate the one-way push of data from HubSpot. 


You can also do this in Power BI, perhaps a bit more easily.  If you use our HubSpot Connector for Power BI, the cost is the same and you can export from Power BI to Excel easily.



We're aware of the app market-place, and potential integrations to take our data offline and work with it -

We adopt cloud solutions to avoid doing those things and would consider our feature request here to be extremely standard for any sales and marketing team to want to look at.

Paying for another solution, on-top of Hubspot, just to pull data out is defeating a big motive for adopting the tool and moving out of Excel to track these things in the first place.

So thanks, but no thanks.




Agreed the workaround for this is not ideal

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Has there been any change in this? 


Agree with @ryanpaulfyfe that this is a real key report to understand. 


Thanks, Patrick