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waverover HubSpot Integration Improvements

This post is for the HubSpot developers.


First, it's great having integration between these two platforms, it's allowed us to discontinue our salesforce subscription to standardize on HubSpot Sales Professional. 


However, the downside is we've lost some major functionality that I'm hoping will be addressed soon.  Important note: while we had SFDC and HubSpot all data was synchronizing between the two platforms without requiring Operations Hub. 


Here's my assessment and where there are opportunities to create a tighter integration.


  1. prospects / contacts - sync (partial check)
    1. above default, HubSpot wants you to purchase Operations Hub, however, when using SFDC, integration did not require any additional plans to sync.
  2. accounts - sync (partial check)
    1. the same thing, Hubspot requires Operations Hub to sync above standard (very basic) fields.  Since we have Sales Professional, this should be included.
  3. deals/opportunities - (missing)
    1. this is a major issue for us, we update our deals within Outreach.
  4. sequence data - (missing)
    1. having two-way sync will help ensure data accuracy.  If HubSpot wants to be the database of record and allow users to keep marketing, sales, etc in one place, tighter integration here is essential.
  5. complete integration - (missing)
    1. tasks, meetings, calls, etc.  100% Outreach synchronize with HubSpot, whether it's inbound, or outbound I want the records to reflect all of the interactions we have.
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When can we expect a solution to this?


Email sync should be a top priority.


Any update to this??