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Outlook template font

Dear Hubspot,

this is a small request, but one that will save me a lot of time if you fix it. Upon selecting a Template in Outlook, your addin pastes the text into a new message. However, it does so in Calibri - always - even when my default font is set to another font in Outlook. So i have to manually change the font every time i send an email with a template. 

Could you please modify the addin so it pastes templates format-less, and just adopts the font i have set as default in Outlook?


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This has driven me nuts for two years. No way to fix it, and hubspot doesn't care -we're a design agency so having different fonts isn't an option, which means manually editing EVERY. SINGLE. EMAIL.




YES!!! please fix, this is a huge annoyance. 


Please fix this. How is this not resolved...