Outlook sidebar will not pin in place - very annoying

Outlook sidebar will not pin in place. This means to make use of it you have to click on the Sales tool in the tool bar every single time you click a different email, as it disappears each time you click something else - seems crazy that a basic function like this can't be in place. Have used many other side bar typoe addins and they all provide a pinned option, so it stays in place if you need it to.

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I run outlook for mac 2016 and was using gsuite up until last week as my email provider for my domain. I switched to office 365 over the weekend for the only reason to use hubspot within the outlook plugin. I also find it annoying that each time I want to send an email to track and load up the sales tool I have to click the hubspot plugin feature and there is no pin button to keep this constantly open.


This must be a simple fix and really needs to be implemented into the outlook plugin to make for a better user experience.


Do you guys at hubspot not agree?

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Hi @73Oldie & @a13xgh


If this is a functionality you would like to see implemented in the future, I would recommend creating an idea in the ideas forum.


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Hi all-


Has this issue been resolved yet?


This is very inconvenient and time-consuming for me.


Please advise.



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I agree. This is very annoying. It was great in Gmail but I cannot pin the plug-in in microsoft outlook. Please get this fixed. 

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I've found that using the Hubspot integration for outlook  rather than office 365 solves the issue. 

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with that integration, it pops open as soon as you put a recipient in the mail message.



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This is very annoying. Please add pinning support. Send this link to your developers on how to add pinning support to your add-in:



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Yes, this is a HUGE issue. I beleive it may only be with iOS and not Windows. But nevertheless, it defeats the whole purpose of the Sidebar - to automatically log and track your contacts without you physically having to push the HS icon and wait 3 seconds for it to load - very cumbersome!


This should be a very easy fix. Most other add-ins on Outlook have an option to pin the app - but Hubspot does not for some reason. 

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I can't believe that this hasn't been implemented by now. Tony even gave you the exact link details from Microsoft.

As it stands HubSpot support on Outlook within a Mac environment is virtually useless. Who wants to have to click an icon EVERY SINGLE TIME you open an email or create a new email.

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Agreed... this is very annoying!  Please upvote this slightly older, duplicate idea:  https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Office-365-Sales-Tool-don-t-want-to-click-icon-every-...


If we aggregate the upvotes to a single idea, maybe we can accumulate enough to get some traction.