Outlook Plug-in - Ignore email address so that a CONTACT is not created

Hi, love the Outlook plug in but it really needs to be opt-in for creating new contacts from email.  At the moment it's automatically creating new CONTACTS from every new email and it's driving me, and a lot of other customers crazy.  I now have suppliers as contacts and even emails starting info@, support@ etc. These should not become CONTACTS 


BTW, this has nothing to do with tracking and logging.  This is a step before that.  


For example, the very first time I send an email to info@strytex.com, the plug-in will automatically create a new CONTACT "info@strytex.com".....and setting up "Never Log" is not applicable. I asked Hubspot and got this repsonse: ".... the "Never log" option only prevents the logging of emails, but not the creation of Contacts by "adding" to the CRM."  


We need an "Ignore" button so that we can set emails to Ignore, which means that Hubspot will not create a CONTACT and emails will never be track or logged.


Here is a possible solution. The Setting will need to add an Ignore box, similar to Never Log but stops CONTACTS being created.  


The process for logging and tracking would be

1. Is email address set to Ignore? If Yes, END, if No, goto 2

2. Does email exist in Hubspot?

 if yes goto 3, else ask, "Do you want to create a Contact or Ignore" , 

  If Ignore, add email to Ignore list

  If Add, create CONTACT

3. Check for Tracking and Logging and carry on. 




Hubspot Ignore.JPG.png






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One option that could work for many of us is in the Settings area below have a check box that says "Never Log email addresses" or have the option to add all domains to the block list.  Because, in theory, most people only want to track the email of the main person they are sending the email to and not the people CCd on it and THAT person will already be in HubSpot.   OR, have a checkbox that says do not Log CCs.


I'm sure the coding is not simple, but this has been a request for a while and is a huge data mess!