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Outlook Integration with the HubSpot Mobile App

Dear Hubspot,

Why is there no integration with Outlook on a mobile device with the HubSpot mobile app? We even reached out to you directly to confirm there was no integration. Gmail integration is nice and all but for 99% of the business world that uses Outlook everyday, we could use some support.


The Sidekick add-in for desktop is very handy and we are grateful, but when I am on the go and want to use my phone to reach out to a sales lead and can't track that in HubSpot, it's a huge problem. HINT: Saleforce does this.


We reached out to a rep who told us this was a popular request but that we should look for it the Community. I didn't see it anywhere so here goes.


Please find a way to allow Outlook on a mobile device (Android and iPhone at the least) to integrate with the HubSpot Mobile Application.


If any of you out there in the rest of the world agree, please give this post an Upvote. Perhaps together we shall overcome!

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @DiscoverTec Thank you for providing this feedback. I'm going to move this over to our Ideas forum for further comment. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen


While it is not as convenient as the desktop syncing feature automatically assigning your hubspot email address to the Outlook BCC line on all outbound emails, you can manually type your hubspott inbox email address in the bcc tab on outlook mobile and it works just the same. The address is stored in my emails, so when I type "5" the rest of the code auto-populates.  A little extra work, but definitely a nice workaround while we are waiting on hubspot to fix this obvious problem


Simply adding the HubSpot tracking code to the BCC field in the Outlook mobile app does not allow the email to be tracked, only logged into that client's profile.


The majority of my company salespeople are on-the-go and send emails on their phone/ipad. I'm honestly surprised that HubSpot hasn't found a solution for this yet, after almost three years of someone posting about this issue. 


I'm new to HubSpot and amazed that they don't have this feature. Most of my business is done on my phone these days, I rarely use a laptop. This is a real pain and possibly a deal breaker. 


I'd like to see an add-on for the Outlook android app so that I can add things to HubSpot on the move.



Please add this feature.  Thank you. 


Two possible solutions?
1. Use the HubSpot app to send and respond to emails on your phone.

2. Add the unique BCC to emails from your mobile device. I would think this would provide tracking as well.

If I'm wrong about these solutions, please let me know. I am only a HubSpot novice.


This surely is an important feature. Its amazing why its not getting any traction.
99% of the sales people are always on the go and they use Outlook for sending out emails.

I am still looking for a workaround 😞


It's still shocking and disappointing this feature doesn't exist.  


I don't know which CRM system will figure it out, but when they do they will have all my business.  


It's baffling to not have mobile use as a feature.  Operating 100% of my business on an iPad & iPhone, I know I'm not the only one.  


Hi there!  Seems like this has been an issue for quite some time.  Hubspot team, do you plan on making this a feature?  I mean... it is 2020 and many people make their entire living from their phones and/or tablets... seems like a nobrainer in order to stay competitive in a vast landscape of CRMs that will surely continue popping up in the future.  


To see that this has been an open request for 3 years and they still haven't added it is very discouraging


If I go to outlook >> settings >> addins on my Smart Phone I can see a list of about 30+ apps. However, I don't see a HubSpot app which tells me you can build addins for outlook on mobile. When will this be released? Our reps are on the go and not in front of their PC all day. 


It's been three years since this post. Does Hubspot care about customer experience? in fact. according to this article from Microsoft: "Add-ins now work on Outlook Mobile, using the same APIs available for other Outlook endpoints. If you've built an add-in for Outlook already, it's easy to get it working on Outlook Mobile."



Tracking and logging emails from a mobile device from Outlook into HubSpot is a business critical tool.  The BCC hack works but logs comms to a contact record and duplicates this piece of communication onto every open deal where this contact has been associated to, which is really not ideal.  The new Sales Tool update where you can select which deal or record to log comms to is a gamechanger but needs to be replicated in the mobile app.




Totally agree with the need for this feature to be implemented. A significant % of my customer emailing and replies happens via my phone on Outlook and it stinks that HubSpot tracking isn't integrated on mobile. I'm sure you would make a huge percentage of your users happier and more productive if you supported this capability.


By the way, just reading through some of the other replies, this one from STreggiari in January should be embarrassing:


"It's been three years since this post. Does Hubspot care about customer experience? in fact. according to this article from Microsoft: "Add-ins now work on Outlook Mobile, using the same APIs available for other Outlook endpoints. If you've built an add-in for Outlook already, it's easy to get it working on Outlook Mobile."


Totally unbelievable in 2021 that this integration doesn't exist. HubSpot, when are you bringing out the fix?


Guys, there's a pretty good reason HubSpot doesn't have an add-in for Mobile Outlook: You can't make an add-in that is active while composing messages on Mobile Outlook:


The only valid mail extension point is MobileMessageReadCommandSurface. Could they make something for adding the contact early (i.e. while reading the incoming mail)? Probably, but it would be rather troublesome to get anything that resembles full functionality, and you would still need to manually add the BCC, changing the complaint from "there's no add-in" to "it's a useless add-in" (and it all fairness, it would be).


Until Microsoft changes the mobile client to better support add-ins, I don't really see a mobile HubSpot add-in happening.


Our sales team of nearly 100 people rarely email on their laptops - they are always on the go. This should be a top priority, especially since many mail mobile applications, like Outlook, iMail, etc., do not allow for an auto BCC option. Either integrating with other mail apps or turning HubSpot into a more email-friendly application would go a long way. Currently, users cannot respond to a message within HubSpot, they can only start a new email, which then breaks the email thread. This needs to be fixed!