Outlook Integration with the HubSpot Mobile App

Dear Hubspot,

Why is there no integration with Outlook on a mobile device with the HubSpot mobile app? We even reached out to you directly to confirm there was no integration. Gmail integration is nice and all but for 99% of the business world that uses Outlook everyday, we could use some support.


The Sidekick add-in for desktop is very handy and we are grateful, but when I am on the go and want to use my phone to reach out to a sales lead and can't track that in HubSpot, it's a huge problem. HINT: Saleforce does this.


We reached out to a rep who told us this was a popular request but that we should look for it the Community. I didn't see it anywhere so here goes.


Please find a way to allow Outlook on a mobile device (Android and iPhone at the least) to integrate with the HubSpot Mobile Application.


If any of you out there in the rest of the world agree, please give this post an Upvote. Perhaps together we shall overcome!

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Hi @DiscoverTec Thank you for providing this feedback. I'm going to move this over to our Ideas forum for further comment. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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While it is not as convenient as the desktop syncing feature automatically assigning your hubspot email address to the Outlook BCC line on all outbound emails, you can manually type your hubspott inbox email address in the bcc tab on outlook mobile and it works just the same. The address is stored in my emails, so when I type "5" the rest of the code auto-populates.  A little extra work, but definitely a nice workaround while we are waiting on hubspot to fix this obvious problem

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Simply adding the HubSpot tracking code to the BCC field in the Outlook mobile app does not allow the email to be tracked, only logged into that client's profile.


The majority of my company salespeople are on-the-go and send emails on their phone/ipad. I'm honestly surprised that HubSpot hasn't found a solution for this yet, after almost three years of someone posting about this issue. 

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I'm new to HubSpot and amazed that they don't have this feature. Most of my business is done on my phone these days, I rarely use a laptop. This is a real pain and possibly a deal breaker. 

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I'd like to see an add-on for the Outlook android app so that I can add things to HubSpot on the move.