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Original Source Drilldown 2 for custom behavioral events

We have contacts being generated through custom behavioral events. In our reports we can see that they were created from Offline Sources from custom behavioral events. But to see which event exactly, you need to open the contact since that information is not stored in the property Original Source Drilldown 2. It would be great if the Original Source Drilldown 2 property would be populated automatically with the name of the custom behavioral event or if it would be customizable.

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Hi @mikr 


Can you elaborate a bit on how you create contacts through custom behavioural events?


The the best of my knowledge custom behavioural events are used to track specific actions by anonymous visitors and contacts but can not create new contacts. I just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing here, before attempting to offer some solutions.





Hi @franksteiner79,

Thank you for asking. In this particular case, we have a SaaS product where we have events that we send via Segment to HubSpot where they are custom behavioral events. If the contact is not in HubSpot already it creates a new one. In the meantime, we have managed to display the name of the event in the Original Source Drilldown 2 property even though support told me that it is not possible and I should create this Idea post 🙂 So I guess this is obsolete now. Thank you anyways for your help.