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Organizational Chart for Contacts associated with a company

We find we associate up to 30 Contacts with some Companies.  We would like a orgizational chart builder to view the contacts by where they fall in the company.  Could you make a drag and drop view like the workflows view where we can build our customer's orgizational chart?    

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We have the same challenges as you Liz , so I went ahead and built a solution which works with the Hubspot api. It's free to use so hopefully it will help you and your team very quickly. The solution is: https://www.orgcharthub.com/


If you have any feedback then please let me know, I would be keen to hear any suggestions you may have. 

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The solution that Dan1 created works great!

You do have to leave HubSpot but all the contacts associated with a comapny are preloaded at the bottom, job titles too.  It is a simple click to add people above and below a contact and you can specify depaertment names too.  All users with your HubID can see the chart too so great for teams.  

Thank you Dan1! 

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We have now improved the solution so that it works within Hubspot CRM. Check out how it works on our video.

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@Dan1 - Thanks for your work there, its already helping me make better planning decisions and ask better questions during calls.

**one recommendation** When I'm on a call and I need to access the chart, it automatically loads every contact (over 50 at times) which can take up to a minute. Possibly make the Open Org Chart button 'quick launch' the org image for that company then allow an "edit" button if I need to make further changes.  

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@matchucalligani Thank you for the kind comment and also the feedback. We are always looking to improve, I will speak with my technical Co-Founder to look into upload improvements. Keep an eye out for some new functionality over the next 2- 4 weeks.