Ordering All Data

So this relates to all of the endpoints where you can get all account data (e.g., GET /companies/v2/companies/paged).


We are trying to chart data for our clients by date.  The problems is that in order to ensure we have all the data for specific day, we would need to query literally all of it, as it seems like there is no guaranteed order of the results.


The other option is to use the recent endpoint to get it by created or modified date (e.g., GET /companies/v2/companies/recent/modified).  The problem with this option is that they only return data for the last 30 days or up to 10k records. So again, aside from the fact that we can only get 30 days worth of data, this would not guarantee that we get all the data for those 30 days if they have over 10k records.


The first option would be much better for us so we could get data from any time range they wanted to see, but this would require potentially many calls to HubSpot, which is not ideal for HubSpot or for us.


Could you potentially include a way to order the results from the "Get All" endpoints?

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