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Order of associations within record

Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Currently, when deals are associated with a contact, the "order" of which the deals are arranged seem to be random. This is confirmed with the community thread here. I feel that we should allow customers to have default ordering of associations, be it by create date or close date.

Even if such an option is not available, it shouldn't  be random. I tried within my own portal, close date/ create date/ alphabetical etc, but they don't seem to follow any real pattern.


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I've been told they appear in the order they are created within your contact.  That does not work well at all, especially when we've needed to sync many orders / deals from before we used HubSpot.  Would really love to see the option to sort the associated deals chronologically asap.


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This is a huge issue, especially ordering of contacts on the company records for orgs using service hub. By default its the create date, so the most valuable contacts involved in the initial sale/onboarding, get pushed out of view as contacts come in for service. Being able to set contacts as "main POC" etc and keep those at the top would be super helpful. I run into this issue on nearly every portal that I work on for my customers. 


I'm having a similar issue when I am creating custom objects via workflow. I have them set to create in a certain order in the WF, but they populate in a totally random order, making it difficult to keep track of where I am looking.


A "sort" functionality for record association sections would be greatly appreciated as I have one deal with 66 cards in a custom object section.

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I support this idea. Besides ordering by create and close date, also order by deal stages or at least closed deals vs open deals should be possible.


yes we need this, importing old datas and need to show the latest few cards at first glance.


Adding a vote to this! We utilize hubspot for a travel planning service and every ticket that we create under a contact is a "trip" so once a trip comes and goes, we Close the Ticket... so it'd be nice to have those tickets auto-sort to the bottom of the list in the Contact view. 




I second this notion. 

With 99+ deals on a contact a random order just doesn't work. 


This is just rediculus! It should be possible to set an order on this preview cards and even the possibility to hide certain types, like cancelled orders o.e. 

We would really appreciate to have a solution on that. 

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For those of you not yet in the know, a new beta was released a few weeks ago which should help you with this issue!


If you're an Admin, click on your profile (top right) and select Product Updates. Then choose Betas (bottom left). The beta is called "CRM Record Overview" - you'll need to alert users that you're switching it on! But you can turn it on for yourself to test it first.


The beta adds an extra Overview "tab" to the centre portion of your screen. It also allows you to collapse the right sidebar. For Companies, Contacts, Deals and Tickets you can then select the objects you'd like to be displayed in the Overview tab, and most importantly, you can select the properties you'd like displayed for each (including custom fields) - and you can SORT by them. You can also select four 'highlight' fields to be displayed at the top of the tab - and you can choose to show recent communications as well.  


Please see @KyleJepson in action in this video where he explains the new Overview tab:


I think you'll rather love it when you get use to tailoring the objects and properties displayed! 🧡