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Optionally remove jQuery

I would absolutely love to be able to optionally remove jQuery from custome templates. 


Our customer profile:


We're an agency that is comfortable with HTML / CSS / JavaScript  (as well as Strategy / Design & Digital Marketing) and want to use HubSpot to take advantage of it's marketing automation abilities for our internal use.  Since we're still learning, we want to fully "buy-in" to be able to take advantage of all available features and to see what HubSpot can do for us.


However, currently, that requires us to sacrifice page speed. Of course, we could host our blog ourselves, and simply include HubSpot analytics, however, as said earlier, we're looking to fully "buy-in" to see what HubSpot can do for us without worrying that we're being limited in some way.


jQuery version 1.7 clocks in at almost ~100KB and is loaded in the document's head.  Ouch!  


That being said, the hubl tags are enjoyable to use, and I can see more developers preferring HubSpot over WordPress for their clients' blogs and websites.  Keep up the good work!

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

We have recently launched a new setting to allow users to disable HubSpot's included jQuery library on their CMS pages, allowing developers to bring their own versions or use none at all.


We are wanting to try this feature out. I'm in the Website - Pages settings but can still only see an option to select 1.7.x or 1.11.x.


As it's just in beta do we need to opt in to use this feature or something? When will it be available?

HubSpot Product Team

The option to disable HubSpot's included version of jQuery is now live.  This option is available under the HubSpot Settings Cog > Website > Pages path and is located with the other jQuery options.