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Option to turn off HubSpot Insights on company records

 We use the CRM for the German market and unfortunately HubSpot Insights pulls a lot of incorrect data on the company records. In order to avoid manual fixes by our sales team every time a new contact is created, it would be great to have the option to turn this feature off.

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Hi @Dylan,

That's great. I've switched it off.


However, it is also extremely disappointing that you waited so long to do it, when you know the feature not been functioning correctly. Double disappointing that I had to come and rant on here about it. Love you still but it is a black mark!

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Excellent. Thank you.

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Just a question (that unfortunately I think I know the answer to already): Shouldn't this just come into play for fields that we already have populated?

Entering an url and having it prepopulate missing fields is a great feature. But when Insights overrides already existing fields that reps have populated and updated, that's where it's going wrong.


This feature shuts off both options correct? I was hoping for the ability to just not override manually entered fields if possible.



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Hi Matt,

That is correct - this feature will universally shut off insights from populating. At some point, we may build more granular controls but as of today it is universally ON or OFF at the portal level.

Talk soon,


I'm so thankful you guys got this option created. It does create another pseudo-bug that I think you should look into and it would relate to another post that is getting traction.


When you turn off the company insights and a company is auto-created for a new contact, then you can no longer quickly and easily get to the company. This is because the new company has only the domain field available and when you click that on the contact record, it goes to their website. Since the Insights no longer puts the company name in there, you have to search for the domain to find the company and then add it manually. 


For an example, I turned off Insights altogether and I got a new contact today. It auto-created a company and this showed up on my "modules":




If you click 1, you go to the website. If you click 2, it expands or closes the module. If you click 3, there is no option to visit the company.




1) This won't happen if you separate the option to auto create and auto associate as discussed in this thread.




2) If the company insights is turned off for a customer and the auto-create is turned on, then DO populate only the company name with the domain name as a default value. This doesn't use Insights, but that would make sense to at least put the URL in there.  For instance, that same example above. I searched for the company, edited the name so that it was the same as the domain, and then I went back to the contact. I was then able to click the circled text below and go to the company.






3) On the block with the "Companies associated with this contact", simply provide an additional "Go to Company" link to the company in the box or in the "actions" drop-down within the module. That's logical and should already be there. I've had several users get thrown by the way that box links.




A combination of all these could improve the overall UX of the system. User experience is important.


In the meantime, as I workaround, I suspect I can do a workflow so that when a company is initially created then it does the copy automatically. As in this (which I have not yet tested, but I will be tomorrow):


It'd be nice if there was also a "When Created" trigger rather than "less than 1 day ago".It'd be nice if there was also a "When Created" trigger rather than "less than 1 day ago".

Problem is... this is a workaround anyone would have to implement rather than out-of-the-box, appropriate logic for HubSpot CRM. And, I'm not sure if "less than one day ago" will affect only new companies. I guess the few that have been created in the past 24 hours could be reviewed if someone had actually corrected it.


Another post that could help with and is related to this:

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While I do not want insights turned off, the option for locations might be helpful


Hey @KathaHub / @gelflex-cc / @jveler_ecrs / @Dylan / @MattF / @grr / @auto_mate / @StephenDB / @Ruefus / @kristibjornaas / @JiriU / @GailB / @sunsetsurfer / @bcornman / @simon_k / @bastienmeaux / @LoisJ 


I've found a possible cause for your initial problem, the enrichment of wrong information in the data, and have raised a seperate issue for it:


Please take a look, comment and vote for it to be solved ASAP.


Built upon your feature request, @KathaHub, I also created an issue for the ability to selected which field should be enriched by Insights, instead of disabling it as a whole:



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Could we get more control on how we configure the HubSpot Insight feature? Right now this seems to be an all-or-nothing situation and I think we could use some control here such as only have HubSpot Insight update for newly created companies while keeping the values for existing companies, especially if we have manually set those settings.