Option to turn off HubSpot Insights on company records

 We use the CRM for the German market and unfortunately HubSpot Insights pulls a lot of incorrect data on the company records. In order to avoid manual fixes by our sales team every time a new contact is created, it would be great to have the option to turn this feature off.

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We have the same problem. Especially the automated allocated picture is annoying.

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I'd also be quite interested in seeing some configuration options for this feature in HubSpot. For example:

  • select which fields are permitted to be updated by insights (we have a lot of trouble when the company name itself is changed when syncing records with other systems); and
  • scheduling when the insights search will initiate (it seems to kick off immediately on creation of the company which again, causes problems for us when syncing data with other systems). I think there are some other ideas around scheduling how often the insights feature runs to check for additional/updated data.


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 Same with the French market. HubSpot Insights doesn't make sense for us.


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Second this, HubSpot Insights creates nothing but issues for us. We work with hotels globally and the HubSpot Insights feature always pulls the data from the hotels' toplevel domain - which is usually their corporate HQ, adding wrong information for empty fields (e.g. the state field that is not required for most countries, or the social fields).

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The problem I get is when I upload a number of accounts the City/State fields automatically default to the corporate location for every single one regardless of where the location actually is. It drives me crazy

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Working in the UK market, whilst appreciate HubSpot is a US company, it is driving us crazy that as soon as we enter the domain name for a company it automatically uses HubSpot Insights to populate these fields and we have to go back and edit with the UK company details, it is more hassle than it is worth for us

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Yeah, way to go. Mess up the data integrity without giving you the option to turn it off... Seriously, our null values are legit in most cases, if you overwrite them with your nonsense data then it makes everything much more complicated. E.g. fill in details for a Germany subsidiary of a US company and voila you get the blank State filled in with the State of the US Headquarters. Later on such record becomes invalid as we have data sanity checks in place to ensure you don't enter states for the countires which don't have them.

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This is a major option that is needed. Some of my reps have found the incorrect information being updated. If a phone number is wrong, this has a huge affect on their productivity. Please make an option to turn this feature on by a property-specific basis.

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Same for Canada - state/region field updates itself to American states. Very annoying. 

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Agreed. HubSpot changing our data, or adding data it thinks is right, but not right for us, is a problem and at least something we should be able to have a degree of control over.


+1000 - Please add this switch. Can't there be a simple toggle for now and an "if the toggle is on run the code"?


Please help me stop frustrating my sales team.