Option to sync conversations thread assignment to contact ownership


Hi there HS Community,


We're excitedly trying out the Chat feature, and noticed that if a sales rep starts chatting with an unowned/new visitor that they don't then get auto-assigned (via the HS Owner field) to that rep. I naturally went to the Workflows tool to see if there were any HS Chat-specific triggers or existing Contact Properties that HS Chat fills to use as triggers to automate that ownership and came up empty-handed. Your Support team kindly confirmed they don't exist - yet.


It would be really useful for this functionality - unowned visitors getting auto-assigned to the rep they first chat with - to exist natively in the Conversations tool or to setup via a Workflow, because 1) we like to provide a seamless one-point-of-contact experience for visitors and 2) this could begin to cause some tension between reps if/when a lead visits/chats/closes the chat, only to re-open the chat and get put in touch with a new person.

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Yes this is still an issue with the Messages feature. There isn't a way to create a workflow either with first contact or recent conversation. So you will get random contacts that are subscribers and have the chat message but aren't assigned to the hubspot owner unless manually go back and look at who the chat was with.


I would suggest it auto assigns to the hubspot owner when the chat has started, or have a property added that can be used as an identifier to create a workflow.


When conversations reach the inbox, we have the ability to assign conversation owners and round-robin those with our service team.  We can also create tickets based on new conversations hitting the inbox.


What we can't do (and I am suggesting to add) is connect the conversation OWNER to the ticket in order to make them the ticket owner.  This results in conversations being left open and unattended to.  We do have the ability to assign tickets to 1 individual, but that just creates another step for them to manually assign the ticket based on the conversation owner.


Please add the ability to assign the ticket owner as the conversation owner.


 Feature really needed


I am seconding most people's specifications here. In our case, we create tickets based off of "Conversations" pretty much immediately (when the circumstance requires it), and then the conversation is left apparently without assignment unless we spend a few extra seconds and go back and assign it to ourself.


Ideally there would be a way to check if the conversation is related to a ticket, and if so, for the conversation to take on the owner of the ticket as its owner as well.


+1 - definitely needed here as a way to stay in touch with leads who came in via chat. If the reps don't remember to assign themselves in 2 places, then they will never get into their lead follow-up queues. 


I've been racking my brain trying to figure this one out. Came here looking for an answer. 


LOL how is there not a solution to this yet?


Disappointing that all workflow automation for Conversation properties are greyed out...