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Option to switch "Create contacts from team inbox" on and off

As PamCotton asked in this thread, I would like to post my feature request here.


We conntected our shared mail account for general requests to our Hubspot inbox to create efficient workflows for our agent directly in Hubspot. The problem is that Hubspot automatically creates new contacts for every incoming message, which results in a lot of "spam" contacts that are not relevant for our business. These spam contacts sometimes also enroll in workflows that rotate contact owner etc., which then costs the owner time to clean up / delete / etc..


For our use case it would be much better to switch this option off, but at the moment you can not change that Hubspot behaviour. If it actually is a relevant contact, our agents can create them directly in the inbox. I understand that for some this default may be a good option, but I would welcome a more flexible approach.