Option to set email to private and not log it

Hi, it would be great to specify the privacy setting for emails or contacts that will be logged in the CRM. As some conversations & emails have to be confidential, it would be great to have a setting that tells Hubspot which emails to log and which not to log. For that, a "blacklist" of sorts could be a solution where all the companies & contacts are listed from which conversations should not be logged. Another way to do this would be to define a short code which can be added to the email in order to make it private, and thus not logged.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could implement a similar feature.

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This is definitely a large problem that we are running into. We are having an issue because it is extremely tedious to have to deselect a box everytime you would like to distinguish a regular contact from a customer via e-mail. This poses an even more complicated issue when trying to create e-mail lists later on. A fix for this, or at least a more efficient solution, would be extremely beneficial.

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Totally agree with what everyone else has said and have started to really understand the scope of this issue. Additionally it's essential to be able to blacklist or block certain domains when it comes to email reporting and dashboards. We just launched with Hubspot 2 weeks ago and within a day we had private, confidential emails between employees and their managers, requesting time off for medical reasons, boldy displayed on the front page of our sales dashboard. 


This is a huge issue!


We need to be able to block our own domain from being tracked as we send dozens of internal emails every day with a variety of topics and content. If everything that management is sending is publically visible within the CRM we have a major issue. 


Not to mention that all of our rep activity metrics are now in question. If a new customer is starting with us I may be sending 10-20 internal emails that day and artificially inflating my "sales activity" for the day. This invalidates any reporting we do on email activity. 

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There are times when I send emails to our sales team or our sales partners.. it is nice to track the success/engagement of our sales team on these emails. But agree it should be tracked seperate from the emails being sent to customers/prospects/leads would be nice to be able to bucket a workflow/sequence/email to either "internal development" or "external sales"

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Totally agree that we need a solution here. 


For us, we really need a way to be able to track and log conversations in the CRM with contacts that we view valuable but still exclude non-essential that may get CCed along the way. 


The fact that a contact could CC anyone they want onto an email we are tracking and logging, and they are automatically added as a contact into our CRM is really an issue. 

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HubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone, 


We have a feature available within the CRM and within our Sales extensions called the Never Log list. You can add individual email addresses and/or domains to the list to prevent emails sent to those addresses from logging (and thus from creating contacts).  We apologize for not updating this thread sooner!


Here is a link to our knowledge base article detailing the steps to set this up! 




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Hi @clovria 


This tool doesn't work 100% of the time. I've gone in and blocked our internal company domain months ago yet I'm still getting new contacts created on a regular basis within Hubspot. This is a big issue when emails sent by executives are publically available to any of our Hubspot users.