Option to schedule 'send to more' emails

As far as we can see, the option 'send to more' after you've sent an email campaign sends immediately. Would be idealy to have this option then take you to the usual sending screen with the schedule/smart options.

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yes yes yes—PLEASE!

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It is nuts that in order to send subsequent "scheduled" email using the "same" email template requires the cloning of the template. This is a reporting nightmare, not to mention inconvenient and leads to a messy "Email Tab".  This is an enterprise feature that every other major marketing automation platform offers. The fact that this idea doesn't have many upvotes leads me to believe the nature of the HubSpot community is very small-business minded. Please add this feature. Not to mention, HubSpot should have an email "Staggered Send" feature.

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Please add this feature! I have more people to send my email to and need to schedule it for 5:00AM because that is the time that delivers the most opens. So now I'll have to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow to send it manually. Woman Frustrated

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The absence of the ability to schedule when sending is strange, given that this is simply a UI issue as all the smarts are already in hubspot.  more early mornings and late nights to click the send button i guess Smiley Sad 

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Yes, please!

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I would love the ability to schedule a "Send to More" email as I don't always want to send it right away.


Scenario 1:  The send to more recipient could have just received and engaged in another seperate marketing email, qualifying them to be in line to receive a step 2 marketing email, but you don't want to send it right away and annoy their inbox. 


Scenario 2:  You've noticed you want to send this email to more recipients, but it's Friday at 5:27pm, an inopportune time to have it hit their inbox. You'd prefer to schedule it for Tuesday at 10:15am when they're more likely to see, open and engage.