Option to pull info from company when creating a contact

Our sales team is having to fill in the same information twice, when creating a company then a contact at that company. It would be nice to have an option (when creating a contact within a company profile) to pull information from the company to the contact.


The reason we can't use a workflow to autopopulate this info for ALL contacts, when associated to companies, is because it will overide some information that we don't want changed in our system. Plus, some contacts will not share the same info as companies.


This is how I imagine it would work:


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This is a great idea! Our sales people don't like having to input the same basic information twice and this would be a terrific solution.

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Hi @karen_barth


If it helps, when I use workflows to copy company properties to contacts, I include an 'is unknown' rule to stop the workflow from overwriting information that is already on the contact. 

Would this help in your situation?

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Hi @Phil_Vallender, thank you for the suggestion! This would work for a lot of cases but would still be a nice feature. There are some cases when sales will intentionally leave some properties blank to fill in at a later date. This may cause a few issues.


With a checkbox, it would fill in the data from the company but still give sales the ability to adjust one-off fields. For example, if they wanted to copy over the address, but leave the phone number empty, they could just clear that field.


Would love to have you upvote this, if you think it would work, or provide additional recommendations!