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Option to permanently turn off number formatting in Telephone field

Since the new "phone number formatting" feature was introduced today, I have to go into the pop-up that comes up every time I want to enter a new phone number and it forces me into the format Hubspot developers have chosen. Currently there is an option to turn formatting off, but it's not permanent and I'll have to do that in the pop-up, every time I enter a phone number. Please supply an option to permanently turn off the specific format that's now the only option.

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jwilliams5854 Offering the option to set a default or turn this offwould be incredibly helpful. I'm having clients run into issues with phone integrations (Just Call) that now isn't recognizing phone numbers that don't have the formatting selected. Since phone numbers didn't retroactively get set with the formatting, that means we're getting a lot of duplicate records right now. I can't seem to find a bulk way to update the phone number formatting either, any solutions? 


This is a great idea on an update that makes entering a phone number a 3 step process instead of the previous 1 click. It is also difficult to copy and past in and out of that field because of the pop out window. Editing is also more cumbersome now as you used to be able to use your mouse to click in the phone number where a mistake was but now it is also an extra click process because of the pop out window. 


I fully support this idea. I HATE the formatting field.


As @CFitzgerald suggested, we need two main things with this new bug/feature:


1) Global Settings Control to Enable or Disable automatic formatting & verification for all users on an account

2) Bulk Edit Phone Number format for contact known to live in specific countries


@jwilliams5854 After digging through existing Knowledge Base articles and blog posts to find any information on this update/change directly from Hubspot, I found...pretty much nothing. 


So, I created a new Idea that encapsulates this Idea / feature request as well as others that I have come across in my search for info on phone number validation and auto-formatting. You can find it here.


Knowing that Hubspot only makes feature requests when a sufficient number of users request it, I would recommend upvoting and commenting as many of these ideas and posts as possible. The ones I found are hereherehere, and here.


The new number formatting field is terrible.  All of the complaints already issued I fully agree with.  It is very difficult to copy and paste from this field, it is very difficult to save an updated phone number if there are corrections or changes now since you have to "verify" it is correct twice now to "confirm" and then "save" at the bottom of the page, so its not always apparent to save the changes.  I usually was able to save a few patient phone numbers before, home, cell, spouse and now it is a pop up box that makes it very difficult to save from, or get the correct information to copy and paste to call them when you can't see everything in the pop up box.  And the pop up box stays open making it harder to see the rest of the information until you have to click and close the pop up box.  All extra steps.   Why can't you have 2 options to select:  a phone number field that has the formatting and then a phone number field that does not have the formatting so we can select the one we want to have listed (shown) in our "about this companies fields" and then deselect the formatted option so it doesn't show anymore.  Easy fix.  Please Fix it.


We also struggle with this - please add a toggle do disabled this.


Bump. Add this please @hubspot