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Option to not assign a contact owner during first email

During testing of a unique business case, I identified that an unassigned Contact will be automatically assigned a Contact Owner if an email is sent through a connected inbox.
Example: contact John Doe does not have an assigned Contact Owner. Sally Smith has a connected email and sends John Doe an email. As a result of this email, Sally Smith automatically becomes the Contact Owner of John Doe. This is not preferred. When I test changing other properties (i.e. change the Job Title or other custom fields) this automatic assignment does not occur. Only when emails are sent through a connected inbox.

I would like an optional setting to turn this off. There are many instances in which I do not want an automatic assignment of contact owners (when the contact is unassigned).

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Upvoted. Seems like a comment/reply/acknowledgement from HubSpot would be good form here.


This creates a mess within our organization, and would be nice to toggle it off.



Crazy we're asking for a simple on/off button on a function for 5 years.

Guess HubSpot just loves all the server traffic the workflow to clear the Owner property constantly generates!


This is SO needed. We have product team members that reach out to prospects/customers regarding CSAT surveys. They're not the contact owner and shouldn't be. But when they log an email, they're automatically set as an owner. We had to setup a workflow to clear out non-sales ownership due to this. Would think a simple setting to turn this on/off would suffice here. 


same issue here, just upvoted it, but it's pretty annoying you need to build a workflow for support engineers not getting companies/contacts assigned.


Auto assignment of contacts is a very frustrating feature as it cannot be turned off and is a source of frustration and confusion within our organization. Please provide a means for disabling this feature.