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Option to not assign a contact owner during first email

During testing of a unique business case, I identified that an unassigned Contact will be automatically assigned a Contact Owner if an email is sent through a connected inbox.
Example: contact John Doe does not have an assigned Contact Owner. Sally Smith has a connected email and sends John Doe an email. As a result of this email, Sally Smith automatically becomes the Contact Owner of John Doe. This is not preferred. When I test changing other properties (i.e. change the Job Title or other custom fields) this automatic assignment does not occur. Only when emails are sent through a connected inbox.

I would like an optional setting to turn this off. There are many instances in which I do not want an automatic assignment of contact owners (when the contact is unassigned).

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Upvoted. Seems like a comment/reply/acknowledgement from HubSpot would be good form here.


This creates a mess within our organization, and would be nice to toggle it off.



Crazy we're asking for a simple on/off button on a function for 5 years.

Guess HubSpot just loves all the server traffic the workflow to clear the Owner property constantly generates!