Option to not assign a contact owner during first email

During testing of a unique business case, I identified that an unassigned Contact will be automatically assigned a Contact Owner if an email is sent through a connected inbox.
Example: contact John Doe does not have an assigned Contact Owner. Sally Smith has a connected email and sends John Doe an email. As a result of this email, Sally Smith automatically becomes the Contact Owner of John Doe. This is not preferred. When I test changing other properties (i.e. change the Job Title or other custom fields) this automatic assignment does not occur. Only when emails are sent through a connected inbox.

I would like an optional setting to turn this off. There are many instances in which I do not want an automatic assignment of contact owners (when the contact is unassigned).

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This also happens when our customer support team assign tickets to themselves, they also get the contact ownership! This is not anyway desired!!!

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I have observed that too, and it is pretty annoying. In fact, I don't understand the philosophy behind it. 

We have both a Customer Support Team and a Sales Team (I don't figure out a company that hasn't), Customer Support Team members should NEVER have a Contact assigned to them, while Sales Team should ALWAYS have their own Contacts. 


Please, could anyone specify the rules of assignment (I've seen several cases on which this rule doesn't apply), and also a workaround to avoid this Contact Owner modification?

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I fully agree with what Miguel said.

Our customers want to be helped as fast as possible when they have a question. They couldn't care less if they are helped by Bob or by John. 

And to add regarding the sales, if it's low priced items, there is no real need for a assigned sales rep either. You don't have to build a relationship when you're selling an online course for $99.

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We want this as well. Our contacts are helped by multiple agents and we don't want them to be auto-assigned to the first person that replies to them.

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We are also having this issue wen our support team replies to customer emails. Is there any workaround for this at the moment or is this issue being looked into by HubSpot?