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Option to make Tasks private

It would be nice to make a task "private" so only the owner can see it.  This could be a feature that is granted by the administrator.

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 I would really like this feature activated. I would like to use HubSpot as a one-stop-shop. I assign tasks to my TME but everyone else can see it, which is not really what I want, therefore I am forced to use Outlook Tasks instead.


If we can have a checkbox on the Task creation screen that simply says "Private" and once checked the Task can only be seen by you or the person whom you are assigning it to.


When working on a confidential project, the ability to keep the tasks confidential until ready to announce is VERY IMPORTANT.  With out this ability in HubSpot, the need to use another method is necessary...bummer....back to INSIGHTLY for tasks.  Lots of bouncing around.


Please consider adding this feature


I would also like to see this implemented. CEO and Executive team members may have private information in their tasks. We are forced to use other systems because this is not a feature. Please develop this! 

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I spoke with the Product Manager for this project at HubSpot and showed them Asana (I highly recommend using it for the time being) and they took detailed notes. One of the main requests I focused on was the ability to make Tasks private and I showed how it looks/works within Asana. They did say they are working on it at the moment but I did not get an ETA on project completion.


This feature would be great. Understand that we can use workflows and automate internal emails to specific groups as a workaround, but most of these tasks would happen ad-hoc and on the fly, so we'd likely just go directly to other internal messaging systems to communicate privately (slack, email, etc.)... Would love to see this functionality added to the CRM!


Yes, definately one feature we miss. 


I would like to see this implented as well.  In most organizations you can trust salespeople to follow up on quotes, contracts, etc.  but in my case I can't.  Don't understand them not following up, but if I could set a private task for me to follow up on their follow up would be helpful.

I think a salesperson would find value in this as well.  

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yes very important and some employees should not be able to see the task of their boss...

How can do?


Similar.needs here.  Info in task and or the task itself needs to have the option to be private.



I would like to see this implemented.  I manage a team and there are times when I would like to set a private task for myself to make sure critical tasks are being taken care of by other team members.  I am sure other managers would find this hekpful.



I would love this feature!  Please, please, please...


Hi, this would be a big plus. My private tasks I need to manage outside of hubspot at the moment. Any news on this? Thanks 

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This should be a relatively simple, and very useful thing to add to HubSpot. 


As a COO who is increasingly utilizing more features wihtin HubSpot, I feel it is important to allow for a particular task of mine to be made private or even allow an entire user's tasks to be private. Some things are not appropriate for the whole team. This should be a simple, quick fix and provide a lot of value. Please address ASAP! 


It would be great to have the ability to create private tasks/projects that only I can view. our team is using HubSpot projects for all of to-dos and some of them we don't need or want shared with the team. Having the ability to make it Private would be great.


Can HubSpot update as to when this feature is ging to be available?


Great Feature to work completely in Hubspot, so you did not have to use two systems. We use Outlook vor private tasks. But working with two systems is very bad. 



This feature is very important. If you don't have the ability to enter your private tasks, you will have to use other management tools besides hubspot.


This feature is very important! 


Guys, this feature is of PARAMOUNT important, and it would be so easy to implement. How is it possible that this question has been opened for almost five years? I mean seriously, do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.