Option to log emails to closed deals

In our industry, when a deal closes, then 3+ months of custom manufacturing begins, with lots of email traffic around the build and shipment of a piece of industrial equipment.


Our sales and accounting teams need the emails related to a deal to be logged to the deal. However, after the deal is closed, the Sales Email Extension no longer associates the email to the deal automatically. Having to associate the flurry of emails manually is VERY cumbersome and just doesn't happen.


We need an option to continue to associate emails with a contact's deals even after the deal is closed.


Ideally there should be an option in the Sales Email Extension that lets the user select which deal(s) that the email will be associated with in Hubspot.


Alternatively there could be an checkbox in the Deal to toggle on/off the auto-association of email activity with associated contacts to that deal.


This feature would be a great timesaver and increase in efficiency. It is something that our team once had with Cirrus Insight and Salesforce, and misses.


Thank you for your attention to this need.

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We are a manufacturer as well and are running into the same issues. Can we make this a toggle on/off type deal under account defaults? Our deals are marked as Closed Won and then the real work begins, and tons more emails happen 'after the fact' but none of them are logged. Can we please please please make this an option in HubSpot to be controlled by the specific account?